Attention Super Bowl Sunday Shoppers


The AP recently reported that Super Bowl Sunday means big sales for TVs, recliners, and pizza. The pizza industry already has same-day delivery nailed, but other retailers haven’t been so quick to catch on. According to the article, during the week before the Super Bowl, TV sales jump 61%! If you need a hand with those heavy items, like TVs and La-Z-Boys, or you’re just too busy sending out invitations and stocking the fridge, let LicketyShip give you a hand.


2 Responses to “Attention Super Bowl Sunday Shoppers”

  1. John Says:

    How your project develops?

  2. elidarosa94499 Says:

    Thats a deep post girl. Yes Where is the world coming to when a man of God breaks 20%of God’s commandment?nLovely week. Click

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