LicketyShip Extends the Holiday Delivery Guarantee for Retailers


The LA Times has some great tips for last-minute shoppers to avoid the lines and get their shopping done from home.

Customers of stores using LicketyShip Business Plus can do the same thing, only faster.

Most online stores offer “Guaranteed Delivery” in time for Christmas only if you order by today, December 21st. But what about the hordes of shoppers who put everything off until the last minute? Sorry guys!

But stores offering LicketyShip Same-Day Delivery have a leg up on the competition. They can offer guaranteed delivery if you order by 10am Christmas Eve! Why? Because LicketyShip delivers in hours, not days. The couriers in our network can pick up items directly from the retail store closest to the customer, and deliver directly to a customer’s door. No distribution centers or cross-country trips required.

Want to extend your company’s holiday guarantee? It’s not too late! Sign up for LicketyShip Business Plus service today!


One Response to “LicketyShip Extends the Holiday Delivery Guarantee for Retailers”

  1. KC Says:

    Can’t wait for y’all to reach New England so I can tell people about this service.

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