Give Mika a Raise


Perhaps the last real American journalist, Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC went on air today and REFUSED to read the lead story on Paris Hilton.

In fact, she went a step further and actually tried to BURN the script, before finally settling on tearing it up, then shredding it.

This story doesn’t have much (or anything) to do with technology or same-day delivery, but such a rare principled display deserves some recognition… we’re just doing our part : )


2 Responses to “Give Mika a Raise”

  1. valentin10 Says:

    Very good blog, very rich nice pictures and articles, congratulations !!!

  2. Evgen80 Says:

    Супер, независимое мнение, независимого человека. Классная тема, обязательно это запомню и другим расскажу. Миленькие мои, ну о чем вы говорите, об этом уже столько сказано пересказано.

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