The Dot Calm Effect


Salil Deshpande at Bay Parnters sent me an interesting NYT article today about the recent downturn in the e-commerce market.

The article cites a key reason for the calming effect being the fatiguing “chore” it has become for online buyers to get the stuff they buy online.

Additionally, retailers seem to be gradually hiking their shipping costs for online purchases, making it even more expensive to get online purchases to your door.

Same-day delivery attacks both of these problems head on.

By replacing the fatigue of online shopping with the thrill of instant gratification, e-tailers can trumpet that they are once again the most exciting and convenient place to shop.

And by delivering products direct from store locations near the customer, e-tailers can actually REDUCE the cost of shipping to the consumer vs. typical expedited shipping rates.

Lower costs for shipping AND faster delivery? Now that’s nothing to be calm about : )


One Response to “The Dot Calm Effect”

  1. L Says:

    The question is:
    How do you find all the couriers and how do you weed out bad couriers?

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