Launching me softly…


After a brief private alpha, we pulled back the curtains on our new product last night.

Owen Thomas from Business 2.0 got the jump on the product with the first review…

The “ShipIt” service, as we’ve been calling it, allows you to deliver your stuff in 4 hours, starting at $20. Customers have already been using it to:

  • Deliver bicycles, mini-fridges, and assorted furniture sold on Craigslist
  • Pickup tickets purchased on eBay
  • Pickup dry cleaning from the cleaners
  • Pickup wine from a nearby liquor store
  • Deliver a credit card & cell phone carelessly forgotten at a bar the night before 🙂

Product highlights include:

  • You can schedule delivery times 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
  • Prices as low as $20 for in-city delivery
  • Deliver up to 200 lbs. of stuff for the same price
  • Track your delivery status live
  • Schedule a delivery on as little as 15 minutes notice

Opening up our network was a difficult decision to make, but I think its the right call. We’re finding that our users are really the best people to decide how our product should be used, and they’re constantly coming up with more creative uses than even we could imagine.

A lot of our users have been e-mailing us asking where the shopping site went. The short answer: it will be back soon, with a big surprise. We can’t say much more for now, but the wait will be worth it…

Until then, you can use LicketyShip to pick up any item you buy from a local store. Buy over the phone with a credit card, then let them know you’re sending LicketyShip to pick up your stuff. Our customers have already used the service to pick up stuff from Tiffany, JC Penny, K&L Wines, Macy’s, and a number of other retail stores in their area.


8 Responses to “Launching me softly…”

  1. ML Says:

    Are there still plans to bring back your shopping site?

  2. ML Says:

    My question was never answered: Are there still plans to bring back your shopping site? Or is this courier service going to be the only service offered from here on out??

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  5. Anonymous Says:

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    Excellent post. Keep it up!

  6. captainrandom Says:

    Can’t wait to relaunch!

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