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Yahoo says we’re for geeks (and that’s cool with us :)

February 5, 2007

Christopher Null over at Yahoo! Tech gave us a shout out last week in which he called us “Kozmo for geeks.”

Kind of a funny tagline, we thought. Wasn’t Kozmo the original Kozmo for geeks? It’s kind of like saying “Dell: the IBM for PC users.” 🙂

But either way, Chris touches on a good point: anyone who hears about LicketyShip instantly thinks “Kozmo,” and in some ways, that’s a good thing: Kozmo offered a great service their customers loved. But things did not end well in Kozmo-land, and many have been quick to wonder why we’ll succeed where they failed.

In more ways than one, we’re quite fortunate to know now what Kozmo did not know prior to their untimely demise. And being cognizant of their miscues, we’ve been very careful not to repeat them:

  • Instead of building expensive LicketyShip warehouses to house our inventory, we source products from local stores. Not only does that promote business in the local economy, it also means we can operate in any region, so long as there are retail stores nearby. Kozmo’s model restricted them to city centers compact enough that they could be served from a central warehouse.
  • Instead of maintaining a fleet of couriers, we outsource each order to the closest available, least expensive courier. This keeps our delivery times and prices low — having more couriers on call means there’s always one available in your area.
  • Instead of spending on clumsy heavyweight assets, like trucks and buildings, we keep the focus on inexpensive, lightweight assets – like our patent-pending software, which pairs the closest available couriers and products for each order.

With these “light” concepts in mind, our team has built the first-ever direct-from-store (DFS) 4-hour delivery service. DFS delivery is something we strongly believe will be a major part of the future of e-commerce, and with our low-cost structure, we plan to lead the way there. Thanks for joining us on our journey!