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Twas the day before the night before Christmas…

December 23, 2006

A customer e-mailed us today to ask if LicketyShip still delivers in time for Christmas Eve. It turns out he ordered 2 iPods on Thursday for his kids from another e-commerce site , and thought he’d be safe with overnight shipping.

However, he realized a few hours after his purhcase, much to his chagrin, that the e-tailer from whom he had bought did not guarantee delivery in time for Christmas unless the items had been purchased WEDNESDAY, 5 full days before the holiday. Apparently, overnight delivery means “5 day delivery” around Christmas-time.

LicketyShip, of course, delivers all the way up until Christmas Eve in just 4 hours. And same-day means same-day.

We’ll be taking our last order before Christmas on 3pm Sunday (Christmas Eve), so if you’ve been procrastinating, don’t fret. LicketyShip can still save your butt…

We found a site that actually shows all of the shipping deadlines for e-commerce sites. It looks like Wednesday 12/20 or Thursday 12/21 were the universal last chances for most.

From all your friends at LicketyShip, have a safe and happy holiday season. And if Santa forgot to put presents under the tree, we know a certain frog who can lend a hand 🙂


Check Out The Frog on the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal…

December 13, 2006

If you have a copy handy, check out LicketyShip on the front page of today’s WSJ.

“In San Francisco, Bust Becomes Boom at 625 Second St.” – an interesting piece documenting the history of the once-bustling, then comatose, now revived edifice that is LicketyShip’s home in San Fran’s South Park neighborhood.