LicketyShip in Rolling Stone


Check out this month’s Rolling Stone for an interesting feature on “The Web 2.0 Elite.” Our very own CEO Robert Pazornik is featured in the piece, pictured below playing a particularly intense game of foosball…

Here’s a link to the teaser full article at Rolling Stone’s website. For a look at the complete 8-page spread, pick up the November 16 issue of Rolling Stone on newsstands.

From left to right, the “Baby Billionaires of Silicon Valley” are Blake Ross (FireFox), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Matt Sanchez (VideoEgg), Robert Pazornik (LicketyShip), Seth Sternberg (Meebo), Todd Masonis (Plaxo). Also featured are Chad Hurley & Steve Chen (YouTube), and Bram Cohen (BitTorrent).


18 Responses to “LicketyShip in Rolling Stone”

  1. jasonwiener Says:

    Congrats guys! Not bad company to be in print with…

  2. Ron DeAngelis Says:

    Well done!! Very cool group of companies to be included with. Proof that you are on to something…

  3. John Riley Says:

    Awesome! LicketyShip Rules! Get good stuff almost immediately for a lower cost than overnight. The Young Gun Companies have the potential to reshape our world.

  4. Justin Kan Says:

    That’s dope! Rolling stone!

  5. Vinod Says:

    Congrats Robby!

  6. Lou Pierce Says:

    Bravo Robert! Our best to you from South Bend. A great service — cheaper, faster than overnight!

  7. Pete Kelly Says:

    Robert – Congrats,

  8. Joseph Crawford Says:

    Glad to see you guys are really growing. I wish you the best of luck with the coming years and hope that you do well. As a previous programmer i wish to see you go far 🙂 but as a consumer i wish to see you hit my area lol

    Good luck Robert, i will be sure to grab this issue to read this article.

  9. Xavier Says:

    Congrats, Robert. It is not often an entrepreneur gets to have the word “billionaire” superimposed over their body.

  10. Jason Lee Says:

    Terrific exposure and much admiration. Congrats!

  11. John Strumbos Says:

    Awesome! Congrats!

  12. Tom Chang Says:

    Congrats Robert! Always glad to hear good news!

  13. A.T. Says:

    Pick me up in the private jet… Let’s go surfing

  14. Nick McCarthy Says:

    Damn………….swimming into gold coins like scrooge mcduck?
    I think Im in love

  15. Nick McCarthy Says:

    Damn……swimming in coins like scrooge?
    I think Im IN LOVE
    Hit me up

  16. js Says:

    Congrats from the 50, Rob! Appearing in RS— Priceless!

  17. Bay Partners Seed Investments » Blog Archive » LicketyShip in Rolling Stone Magazine Says:

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  18. cool Says:

    You should rename it LicketyShit!

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