5 Reasons Why 4-Hour Delivery Is More Sensible Than “Next-Day” Delivery


5Explaining why 4-Hour Delivery is better than “Next-Day” delivery isn’t hard.

4 hours vs. 24 hours: do the math.

But explaining why Same Day Delivery is more sensible than “Next-Day” delivery seems challenging. After all, “Next-Day” shipping is a luxury in itself. Could a super-premium service like instant 4-Hour rush delivery actually be considered SENSIBLE?

The answer is yes; here are the Top 5 reasons:

  1. Shipping across a city is more efficient than shipping across the country
    If there are 5 stores within 30 miles of you that have the digital camera you’re looking for, why are you buying it on a site that will ship it from a warehouse in Kentucky? Lickety delivers from local stores. That makes sense.
  2. 4 Hour Delivery is often LESS expensive than “Next-Day”
    It makes sense when you think about it. Heavy items flying cross-country in airplanes make “Next-Day” delivery prices absurd. But local couriers charge primarily by distance, so heavy stuff can be delivered locally much less expensively. Trucks instead of planes? Now that’s sensible.
  3. “Next-day” often means you wont get it for 48 hours…or more!
    Did you wonder why we put “Next-Day” in airquotes? If you don’t place your order early enough with most e-tailers, there’s no way you’ll get it delivered the next day. In many cases, if you order after 2pm, you’ll be lucky if your stuff is just shipped from the warehouse the next day.
  4. Ordering “Next Day” on weekends means “wait until Tuesday”
    It’s Saturday afternoon at 4pm. You just bought that shiny new red iPod Nano. Yep, the same one Bono has. Sweet. You can’t wait to get that little puppy in your hands, so you order it for “overnight delivery”Whoops! Hope you don’t mind waiting, because no one ships on Sunday! They’ll wait until Monday to ship, meaning you get your package on Tuesday.Hey, how did overnight become “3 days from now”?Not a problem with LicketyShip. Local couriers are always on call – you order on Saturday, you get it on Saturday.
  5. Your time is damn valuable
    At the end of the day, you’re just worth it : )

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