Media Madness!


Since our recent launch, LicketyShip has suddenly become a tantalizing topic for media mavens everywhere. For those keeping score at home, we thought it would be fun to put together a quick compilation of our recent reviews and mentions. Enjoy!

“Instant Gratification: fast pitches and same-day shipping”
Rafe Needleman gives LicketyShip a positive review on CNET’s Alpha Blog, smartly noting “The LicketyShip fee can actually be much less than expedited delivery from a standard shipping company, such as Fedex or UPS.”

Red Herring
“LicketyShip is Different…”
Red Herring covers LicketyShip’s headlining presentation at STIRR in Palo Alto. Notes writer Falguni Bhuta, “With the holiday season and last-minute shoppers, LicketyShip can make a fortune if it works.” We think so too!

“LicketyShip Offers Same-Day Product Delivery”
Michael Arrington and crew do a follow-up to their mid-May sneak preview that hailed Lickety as the heir apparent to Kozmo (in a good way :). Our first review on TechCrunch came when we took top honors at Stanford’s E27 young entrepreneurs event back in January.

“LicketyShip’s 4 Hour Gadget Delivery Service Goes Live”
The world’s most-read blog reviews Lickety as a compelling service for gadget nuts who need the latest and greatest delivered instantly!

The Gadgets Weblog
“Ok San Fran: It’s Time to Do Your Part for Geeks Everywhere”
One of the smaller blogs that covered us, but also one of our favorites. Eric Hanson implores Bay Area natives to use LicketyShip often so it can spread same day delivery service to other cities in need of instant gratification. That’s a great plan!

The Scobleizer
“Bay Area Geeks: LicketyShip Will Get You Stuff Fast!”
Robert Scoble waxes Lickety in one of our first live reviews. We didn’t have what he needed when he dropped by, but apparently we served his friends well :). Scoble’s first review of Lickety also followed our Stanford appearance.

The Wall Street Journal
“New Hot Spot for Tech Firms is The Old One”
LicketyShip earns a brief mention alongside YouTube and VideoEgg as hot companies that have recently relocated operations to the Bay Area. Stay tuned for a more in-depth WSJ article about Lickety in late-October / early-November.

“LicketyShip Launches Courier Service from Local Stores”
Matt Marshall announces Lickety’s recent launch alongside Perenety and Zeedive.


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