LicketyShip Headlines Stirr 1.7


Good times at Stirr 1.7 in Palo Alto last night. Fanny & Alexander made for a top-notch venue, and the patio feast was appreciated by all. What’s a mixer without nachos?

Between 7:32 and 7:33pm, LicketyShip closed the show with CEO Robert Pazornik presenting LicketyShip’s vision for the future of same day delivery. The sixty-second rule, well-enforced by the Stirr entourage, is a remarkable method for boiling down a company’s premise to its bare essence.

Megan McCarthy of Valleywag covered the event, as did Rafe Needleman of CNET, though his piece hasn’t run just yet (watch for updates here). Jeremia Owyang did a writeup, as well, complete with a photo timeline.


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