So Many Xboxes, So Little Time


xboxBefore LicketyShip opened for business, we each wrote up a top ten list of items we expected customers to order. Between our lists, we covered most of the usual suspects for speedy delivery: printer ink cartridges, blank DVD’s, laptop batteries, flash memory, wireless routers, mobile phone chargers, and so forth.

But there was one item that didn’t appear on any of our lists: the Xbox.

Though none of us saw it coming, the Xbox 360 has quickly become one of the most popular items ordered on our site. It may seem counter-intuitive (why would someone NEED an XBox in 4 hours?), but when you consider speedy delivery alternatives, same-day actually makes a lot of sense.

Overight delivery fees vary widely between e-commerce sites: Tiger Direct offers overnight delivery of an Xbox 360 for $94.82 (add to cart to see shipping price). Best Buy offers next-day service for $45.98, and Amazon offers overnight delivery for $13.98, but you may have to wait 2 days if you don’t place your order early enough in the day.

By comparison, LicketyShip 4-Hour Delivery for $19.99 is often less expensive, or just a few dollars more than overnight delivery. And you can wait until 7pm to order and still get it the same day.
So in the case that you DO need an Xbox right away, why NOT get it delivered to your door in a few hours?

How much more appealing will 4-Hour Delivery be as the holiday season approaches…


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