24 Hours Since, A Billion Hours To Go…


Its been a full 24 hours since we launched the site, and I’m about ready to crash face first into a keyboard…

Sd8&*DaiudhfnunUDSNA L:SDnAUSnd ds nj

Worst joke ever.

Seriously though, it’s been a crazy couple days. With TechCrunch and Scoble picking up the story, traffic is through the roof. We’re watching the system like hawks for a meltdown, but every component has more or less held its own [deep cartoon-like sigh, wiping sweat off brow].

Funny story – when Scoble wrote his story, he was apparently peeved that customer service wasn’t around to answer his instant messages. We thought we missed him while at lunch, but realized a minute later that we had kicked out the plug to our wireless network… great timing. It’s back in now … pass the duct tape.

Our average order time is significantly lower than we expected, roughly 1 hour, 50 minutes. A few customers were actually so surprised by the early deliveries they called us to make sure we didn’t make a mistake 😉

I guess in a world of cable guys, call menus, and peanut-free airlines, we’ve all come to expect pretty mediocre service from everybody. I know I’ve been through more than my share of “Be there sometime between 10am and Christmas” service calls. Nothing’s worse than taking a day off work to wait for Comcast not to show up…

In a dim world like that (cue orchestra), I’m glad we’re making things a little brighter : )

And on that note, please make it darker in here, I need some sleep…


3 Responses to “24 Hours Since, A Billion Hours To Go…”

  1. JoAnne Leone Says:

    From my Gmail account, I was directed to Engadget’s blog posting about LicketyShip going “LIVE”. Never heard of you before – but am fascinated by the concept. Went through your site pretty quickly and also read some of the comments on engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/29/licketyships-four-hour-gadget-delivery-service-goes-live/) .
    Think your site is missing a point. $19.95 for delivery is nothing compared to what it costs to go get it yourself or send an employee to get it. “Time is money”……Campaign needs to address this. Good Luck!

  2. tnkgrl Says:

    I like the idea, but the website is no working for me right now! I entered “Nokia” and my ZIp code (in San Francisco) and all I got was an empty white page… I tried Safari/FireFox on my Mac and IE/Firefox on my PC.

  3. LicketyShip Team Says:

    @tnkgrl – thanks for the bug tip and your help! Please enjoy a $20 delivery coupon on us! We’ve sent it to you in an e-mail.

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