LicketyShip Public Alpha Coming Soon!


If you’ve been following LicketyShip, you’re aware that we’ve been privately testing the system in the Bay Area for a few months. Due to unexpectedly high demand for test accounts, we’ve had to limit the number of trial users and slowly release new groups of invitations. We apologize if you have not gotten a chance to participate yet, and we thank you for your continued patience and enthusiasm for our product.

We’re proud to report that the system is nearly ready to run free in the wild. LicketyShip is now freezing its private trials with plans to open the system publically!

Stay tuned to our blog and for more information.


4 Responses to “LicketyShip Public Alpha Coming Soon!”

  1. Can't Wait Says:

    Seriously, this is highly anticipated company product release.

  2. Keith Says:

    The increasing improvment to the southern region ( Louisiana) I think that the test market will be an ideal placement for the expansion of Lickety Ship. I”am in the shipping and delivery indusrty employed by Fedex. With the reconstuction of the Central Business District a new company such as Lickety Ship would be welcomed with its new ideas and concepts.

  3. Student CEOs Says:

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  4. Ash Says:

    Hey, thought I’d let you know that link to is broken

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